Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Woolmer Family Speak

The family of murdered Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer have insisted he "would definitely have wanted the World Cup to continue".
Police confirmed on Thursday that that Woolmer's death on Sunday was "due to asphyxia as a result of manual strangulation", with the former South Africa and Warwickshire coach likely to have known his killer or killers.
In the aftermath of the revelations, there had been calls from some quarters for the tournament to be cancelled.
However, Woolmer's family have insisted the competition should continue, while also dismissing reports suggesting the 58-year-old had been about to blow the whistle on match fixing in his book.
A statement read: "The news from Jamaica about Bob's death was devastating. It is very difficult for the family to come to terms with and they have no idea why this happened.
"To the best of the family's knowledge there is absolutely nothing to suggest Bob was involved in match fixing and contrary to reports we can confirm there is nothing in any book Bob has written that would explain the situation and there were no threats received.
"Bob was a wonderful husband and father and a great cricket coach who gave his life to the service of cricket and cricketers and endeared himself to anyone who came into contact with him.
"He always had time for those who approached him either for an interview or a chat. Despite spending so much time away from home he was in constant contact with his family either by email or by phone.
"Bob would have been immensely proud to hear the tributes to him in the last few days from all the names in the cricket world, as well as the messages his family have received from friends and acquaintances from all over the world.
"Bob was a unique character, he had a cheerful nature, a positive outlook on life and a never-give-up attitude.
"Bob would definitely have wanted the World Cup to continue.
"We would like to announce a trust fund has been established to preserve Bob's cricketing legacy.
"Gill Woolmer and her sons Dale and Russell are distraught at the circumstances around Bob's death and overwhelmed at his loss.
"On behalf of all the Woolmer family we now ask the family be left alone to grieve in peace for a great husband, father and human being."

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