Friday, March 23, 2007

Bob Woolmar Murdered ~ 23rd March 2007

The truth, or parts of it, are emerging from the West Indies. After calling in a second pathologist the Jamaican Police have confirmed that they suspect Bob Woolmar's death to be murder.

Rumours about the likely suspects and motives for his death are rife but there have been no arrests nor anything concrete emanating from the Authorities.

The future of the World Cup series is, for the present, hopeful. It has been announced that play will go on.

However I for one think that if details of his death emerge and are linked to criminal activity then this World Series may well be called off. Also the impact of continuing must be affecting Woolmar's family. Perhaps they, the family, would prefer that the World Cup be terminated immediately!

After all this would show that the game can be about loyalty, respect and gentlemanly conduct rather than just money and TV rights! At one time only gentlemen played the game. Now........

What do you think should happen?


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