Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Charlotte wants to build sandcastles with our Gavin ~ but they don't know where!

Charlotte Church to Marry on The Beach

By Adam Nutburn, August 5 2008

Charlotte Church will marry boyfriend Gavin Henson on the beach, she has revealed.
The singer-turned television presenter, 22, says although she and rugby player Gavin have a location in mind for the wedding, they haven't set a date.
She tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "We just don't want to [get married] at the moment. It will come in time – when we want to do it, not before. All those reports about Gavin being seen shopping for rings are completely untrue.
"I can confirm that we both think a wedding on a beach somewhere would be very romantic – when the time is right."
The couple, who have a ten-month old daughter, Ruby-Megan, are expecting another baby in November.
Charlotte added, "I knew that Gavin would be a good dad, but not this good. He's very focused. He even gets up when Ruby has a feed at night. I love everything about him. He's practically perfect – nice, kind, considerate, funny and serious when he has to be. He's got an amazing body, as well. I wait on him hand and foot. His mother spoiled him and now I spoil him too."
The former child star won't be stopping at just two children, though. "I'd like to have more children, a big family. Four or six, maybe," she said. "Gavin wants eight! Maybe he wants his own rugby team. I’m 22 now, and like to think that I’ll stop having babies in about ten years time. That seems sensible.”
Charlotte then went on to reveal that she and Gavin like to grow their own vegetables. "I love gardening. Gavin and I grow a lot of our own vegetables and we have some hens for fresh eggs," she said. "We've got dogs and geese as well. It's all very 'River Cottage' Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall would be very proud of us. We'd love to get an allotment as well."

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