Wednesday, April 16, 2008

England Rugby ~ What a shambles....

Rugby Has Gone Mad!
Six Nations England
by cwatts81 (U8942103) 16 April 2008

The rest of the Rugby World must be loving this. Its a shambles and we clealy dont have a clear view of where we are going next.Surely we are not going to have a review after every tournament and create this media circus!We are going to have a Manager now? one that chooses tactics and teams but does not play a hand in training? We have an "Elite Director of Rugby" who makes one decision, then goes back on it despite finishin second in the World Cup and second in the Six nations all in less than two years.This is mess and the Rugby World is laughin at us.One man is responsible, not Ashton, not Ford, not Baron......Rob Andrew, get that clown out of there and lets get back to basics....cos this is horrible.

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