Thursday, February 28, 2008

Keegan to quit says newspapers.....

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Kevin Keegan is reportedly already having doubts about the wisdom of agreeing to return to Newcastle United.

Just five weeks after his appointment, Keegan has been described as 'growing disillusioned' with the club's hierarchy. According to The Daily Mail, Keegan's future is 'increasingly uncertain' because of the emergence of a 'serious split'.

'While Keegan has publicly described Mike Ashley as the perfect owner, the manner in which the club is being run by the billionaire businessman and his lieutenants has left him feeling more and more disillusioned, the newspaper reports.

'Sportsmail understands Keegan had little, if any, say in the appointment of Chris Hughton as his assistant this week and one source suggested the former Tottenham coach did not even speak to Keegan prior to accepting the job.'

It was much the same when Dennis Wise was - to Keegan's complete surprise - appointed executive director (football).

Nor have matters improved since then with communication between Wise and Keegan said to be 'virtually non-existent' with the former Leeds manager reputedly preferring to work from an office in London rather than move to the north-east. 'Mort also spends much of his time in London as, of course, does Ashley. While the situation has left Keegan feeling powerless and uncomfortable, it has also undermined his efforts to revive a struggling Newcastle team,' discloses the Mail.

Keegan has yet to enjoy a single victory since his return to St James' in January.

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